About Erin


Meet The Yogi Librarian!

Erin J. Green, "The Yogi Librarian," began forming sentences at a young age and taught herself to read; therefore, some say she was destined to become a librarian one day. When her various passions brought her to the island chain of Hawai'i, she discovered the ancient art of yoga and began immersing herself in the natural healing arts. It was there that she completed not only her Master's of Library and Information Science but also her 200-hour yoga teaching certification course. 

When studying both the science of books and the science of yoga, Erin noticed that there is a certain zen-like feeling linked to being organized, and has since applied her yogic teachings to her methods of organization. When she first began working with colleagues on their informational projects, she became dedicated to finding the zen in every situation that can't seem to be organized.

Erin was also bitten by the travel bug along the road, and her wanderlust has brought her to destinations such as New York, Japan, and Arizona. In this she has found her third passion in traveling, which inspired her to become a travel agent and help others find their own adventures. Visit her travel agent page to find your next deal waiting for you!