Not just a full moon. Tonight it is something special.

Ahhh full moons. I have always been fascinated by astronomy, and consider myself to have a personal connection with the moon, I suppose just because seeing it and being near it makes me feel calmer, unlike the sun, which makes me agitated if I am exposed to it too much. Whenever the moon is full, I’ve always found myself wanting to take long walks or hikes so I can enjoy it as much as possible, to the point where I’m practically howling at it like a wolf…though I have never actually done this.

Earlier today, however, I came across an article that told me to pay special attention to this particular full moon, which naturally made me roll my eyes at first. Usually these types of articles are over-hyped and try to find something special about every situation, that really turns out to be nothing more than just an ordinary event, they just threw on some extra spice to make it more appealing. But when I read the article discussing tonight’s full moon, it actually resonated with me and became something that I did take note of, because it was connected to another field of study that I adore and have studied for many years: astrology.

Now, let’s not get astrology and astronomy confused, even though the two are pretty much interconnected. Astronomy is the more scientific study of the stars and planets, and the natural phenomena that exists in space. Astrology, on the other hand, is a more spiritual practice that delves into how we humans are connected with the stars, which we study in astronomy, based on the timing and scenarios of our birth. Having said that, let’s get into how this relates to the September 2018 full moon.

One of the other crazy things about the moon, which is another reason why I am so fascinated with it, is that it has an effect on our emotions, and the full moon is something to take note of because during a full moon, your emotions are always amplified. It is important to be mindful of how you are feeling when the moon is full, because anger can intensify, sadness can spill over into more and more negativity, or if you have been focusing on a negative event in your life recently, your mind could become more and more troubled by it. Emotions like these are so very very important to become aware of when the moon is full, and since this particular full moon happens to come near the end of the month, it may be a time of reflection to look at what emotions have ruled your life as of late.

For those of you who are familiar with astrology, you know that there are twelve star signs that classify us, each with different traits and characteristics. The moon passes through each of these signs just as the sun does, and right now the moon is in the sign of Aries, a fire sign. Typically this means that there is a lot of aggressive energy, but in this case it doesn’t have to be seen as something bad.

Is there something in your life that you have been struggling to overcome, or a project that you have been working on that needs to be wrapped up? Well, tonight’s full moon may just be enough to be the push that you need to complete the task at hand, due to all of the excessive energy that fiery Aries brings. For many of us, September was a productive month due to all of that energy, so as this month draws to a close, why not reflect on it?

For me personally, this new month has meant time for me to stop procrastinating and finally do some things that I have been set out to do but never achieved, and what a month it has been. Just in this past month, I have moved and settled in the desert of southern Arizona in Tucson, been offered a full-time job and made investments in freelance opportunities that I wasn’t pursuing before. (Not to mention the fact that I finally got around to writing a blog post, after having this blog for how long?) I fully believe that my productive month is just one example about what the high energy of the full moon can do, so why not congratulate yourself for all you have achieved?

What is predicted is that the next few months will go by at a much slower pace, so in that time, reflect on what you have achieved in this high energy time, and see how you can continue your productivity without too much strain. Also look at any changes you have made in your life recently, and how you intend to move forward with them.

For me, I intend to grow upon my newfound networks and career possibilities in my new home, and I want to write and publish blog entries more often. What do you see the next few months looking like?

Well helloooooo there new website...

Today I finally went live with my website, even though I purchased this domain several months ago. As I sit here fixing it all up, I'm asking myself, why have I not done this sooner? Is it because I didn't know what to put on my website, or was I just scared of finally putting myself out there and actually trying to start a business? I think it was a little bit of both, and I'll be honest, I'm still rather terrified, because this was no small investment, but at the same time, I'm hoping that it will work out in the end, and that it will be my first stepping stone to me finally moving from regular employment to freelance work. (That's the purpose of this website, in case you were wondering.) 

Anyways, I'll stop there for today, and say yay, I did it! Now let's see what I can do next...

Ah,'s been a long time.

I'm just going to be honest here, I've had a few different blogs over the years, and none of them really took me beyond the capacity of a few months, once a certain phase of my life was over or one particular journey ended. Some of my previous failed projects also died a miserable death because I didn't have a clear direction or just wasn't committed to making them into something greater. That's kind of why I was hesitant to ever start keeping a blog again. Would I keep going? Would I even remember to update it? And would anyone even bother to read it? 

Those, my friends, are questions that I think everyone has when starting a new project. It can be terrifying, maybe event daunting, to go out of your comfort zone and actually go after one of the things you said you wanted to do but just never did. I'll admit that's been me a lot of times, because I'm only human, and like the rest of us, I learn from my mistakes. But, this time I hope that my blog project will sustain the test of time and be more of a tool to help me move forward rather than a chore in which I feel that I have to spit some words out and make them sound meaningful. Yes, that is exactly what every other blog I had before this one felt like: a chore. And as such, I decided it wasn't worth my time anymore, and stopped. 

As I start on this new journey of keeping a blog again, I will admit it may be a challenge, to share my words and not feel like ending it soon, but I want to invite everyone into my world, in the hopes that we can all see similarities and differences in our journeys here on Earth, and what joins us together in this journey. My journey has been long and painful, and sometimes dark and ugly, but I'm here to start a new chapter, and hopefully this will take many others along for the ride. 

Whatever happens, I'm just happy that I had the motivation to type out these words to you today. Happy to begin this journey with you all, and you heard it straight from the librarian's mouth!